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This humble Tumblr will share photos (both personal and editorial), words and GIFs reflecting on all things sartorial from the perspective of a broke fashionista.

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman." - Coco Chanel
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Happy birthday, Nana! May we continue taking cute pictures by our pear trees!

Feeling protected thanks to my Hajira Marcy. Props to you for finding a bracelet that perfectly fits my baby wrists! :-)

Party time. Excellent.

Happy Halloween, folks!

We survived the zombie apocalypse in Reno last night! (at The Reno Arch)

Greetings from Reno! #ThunderDownUnder, biatches! (at Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa)

Sexy times ahead! (at Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa)

Just few of the beautiful people that made it out to my birthday bash. Thank you for making my special day spectacular! #ThisIs27 #PourItUp

I’m a Japanese blonde like Kimmy Kakes! I wonder which ethnic group I’m going to be mistaken for now…

The aliens can’t read my mind anymore! I’m currently getting my balayage ombre highlights retouched and I kinda look ridonkulous.

I had a fabulous time at @iread2much’s wedding at #Mulvaneys. Loved the purple accents, laidback atmosphere, great company and the beautiful couple! Plus, her wedding dress was PURPLE! #fetch

I guess I can’t go into the pool…

JoJo (@translucentbrownsugar) was fantastic last night! My girl sang her hits and Aaliyah and Sade classics. And she rocked that ’90s fashion! (Thanks for posting this @vineshsundar) (at Assembly)

$5 Versace. // #blingbling #roar #katyperry #lions #earrings #teal #gold #versace #versaycee

Some of the sights from today’s Farm To Fork Tower Bridge Dinner. It was fun to interact with the movers and shakers of Sacramento and to be a part of an event so unique. Plus, I ate apple pie in a jar. #Winning (at Tower Bridge)

A SFW mustache ride.